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Unconventional Herbal Tea Uses

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Herbal tea has never been strictly a beverage option!

A simple herbal tea has many functions and can be put to use in a pinch. Whether you’re in the mood for a spa-like experience or are looking for a holistic approach to effacing an ailment, there’s an herbal tea for you!

Herbal Simple Syrups

Herbal simple syrups are essentially highly concentrated teas that are preserved in honey or sugar. On the other side of the Herbal Bitters spectrum, herbal simple syrups have been historically touted as a children’s alternative for receiving the same benefits from the herb without the tinctures base of alcohol. And, thanks to the use of a sweeter base, the taste was deemed much more tolerable.

Herbal Bitters

Most commonly used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, Herbal Bitters have been utilized since the 1700s. When doctor George Cheyne assembled a treatment for gout he called, the digestive bitters remedy. The original treatment consisted of a mixture of, Angelica Root, Horseradish, Wormwood, Alcohol, and Watercress.

The concoction eventually made a name for itself, being deemed a cure-all for a multitude of ailments, and through an odd series of events, wound up being picked up by bars to be sold as cocktails.

Herbal Sugar Scrubs

Whether you’re treating yourself at home, or actually making the trek to the spa, having a spa day is the ultimate level of relaxation. And nothing goes along better with a day of decompression than an herbily-infused sugar scrub.

Sugar is a great natural exfoliant, most commonly used in lip and body scrubs. Because of its mild grain texture, the sugar helps to gently remove dead skin without harshly abrasing the skin. That, compounded with an herb such as green tea or rose petals can help to rejuvenate your skin in many different ways.

Herbal Tea Baths

Herbal tea baths are such a simple and accessible way to throw together a relaxing experience quickly. And there are so many creative and fun ways to mix herbs. What could be better after a super stressful day than soaking in a nice hot, aromatic bath? A warm bath on its own is a great way to help soothe achy muscles and decompress. Adding a small satchel of herbs could be just the thing that tips the scale and sends you into the epitome of relaxation.


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