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Herbal Tea Baths

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The best herbs and teas to bathe in for an ultra-relaxing end to your day!

What could be better after a super stressful day than soaking in a nice hot, aromatic bath? A warm bath on its own is a great way to help soothe achy muscles and decompress. Adding a small satchel of herbs could be just the thing that tips the scale and sends you into the epitome of relaxation.

Healing Tea

If you’re under the weather and looking for some nasal decongestion, a small bag made of muslin, or a reusable tea bag, filled with about 1/4th of a cup of peppermint steeped in your bath could do just the trick. You might also consider some lemon grass or Eucalyptus.

Calming Tea

For a more soothing type of bath, one that’s dearly needed after a particularly stressful day, you might fill your bath with the scent of rose petals, nettle leaf, or dandelion. An herbal rose petal bath will not only smell amazing, and help to calm your nerves, but the rose petals themselves are also a fine source of polyphenol antioxidants. Giving your body, not only the chance to decompress but detox as well.

Relaxing Tea

If there’s nothing, in particular, you’re trying to achieve with your bath besides a good-old chill time, then I’d suggest sticking to the classics. In this sense, the same idea goes for bathing tea as for drinking tea. Herbal blends containing chamomile, lavender, or orange blossoms will have much of the same effect fragrantly as they do when consumed.


Herbal tea baths are such a simple and accessible way to throw together a relaxing experience quickly. And there are so many creative and fun ways to mix herbs. However, if you’re looking to slip directly into relaxation mode after a long, taxing day, let Catalyst Tea Company do the mixing for you. Check out these aromatic blends for your next Herbal Tea Bath:

· Citrus Bliss (lemongrass, ginger root, orange peel, apple, pieces)

· Dream Catcher (chamomile flowers, peppermint leaf, lavender flowers whole, bilberry fruit whole, sage leaf)

· Morning Sun (jasmine green tea, peppermint leaf, orange peel)

· Rose Sensation (Assam black tea, rose petals, orange peel)

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