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Moon Cycles: Harnessing Your Full Potential

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Earth’s silent companion, the moon, intrigued our ancestors for centuries, inspiring many spheres of our lives from timeless art to everyday rituals. Aligning with the energies of the moon may give us more clarity, grounding and a better connection to the Universe and ourselves.

What are the phases of the Moon?

The phases of the moon are defined by its position in relation to the Sun and the Earth. When the Moon is lit up from the back side, the side that faces the Earth is dark and we refer to it as “new moon”. Inversely, when the Moon is on the other side of the Earth relative to the Sun, then we see it’s near side lit up and refer to it as the “full moon”.

Between the new moon and the full moon, there are phases called waxing (growing) or waning (shrinking). These are the stages of partial illumination of the Moon.

Beautiful, mystical and always changing, the Moon does not produce any visible light on its own. What we see here on Earth is simply the reflection of other objects’ lights from the Moon.

What are the energies of the Moon?

The gravity of the Moon pulls on Earth, causing tides - rises and falls in sea levels. Similarly, we may also feel changes and shifts in our lives as the Moon goes through its infinite cycles. Our ancestors have been observing the Moon for centuries, and have often noticed different patterns and influences that are specific to certain phases.

New Moon

New moon is considered a great time for new beginnings. It symbolizes growth and expansion. This is also a perfect time to set your intentions for the month ahead. Letting go of what no longer serves you can help free up space for the new. Slow down and simply listen to your inner voice. Trust yourself and let your intuition guide you.

New moon rituals

  • Set new intentions

  • Meditate & connect to yourself

  • Create a vision board

  • Write in a journal

  • Take a bath to wash away the old

  • Drink tea with rose to manifest love, with sage for cleansing your energies, and with lavender while meditating

Waxing Moon As the Moon “grows”, you may feel energized and ready to move mountains. This is a great time to move forward with what you know needs to be done. Act to achieve your goals and focus your energy, physical and emotional, on creating momentum.

Full moon Bright and powerful, the full moon symbolizes the completion and culmination of a cycle. It is a great time to use our full potential before letting go of what no longer serves us. The full moon symbolically illuminates the night enough that we cast noticeable shadows. This is why it is considered a good time to be self reflective and work through our deepest emotions.

Full moon rituals

  • Meditate

  • Make moon water

  • Relax while drinking tea with lemon balm, chamomile or sage

  • Clean your home

  • Charge your crystals under the moonlight

Waning moon

When the moon starts “shrinking”, it is a great time to dive inwards and reflect on what you have accomplished in this cycle. Take it slow, relax and listen to your intuition. Prepare yourself for the beginning of the next new cycle.


Join us for the Tea & The Moon event and tap into the energies of the moon!

During the event, we will talk about the symbolism of the moon, its phases and their influence on us and what you can do to harness these energies. This will serve as inspiration for our very own Moon tarot card. Through a guided collage exercise led by local artist Anna Arphan, we will create a beautifully personal piece of art.

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