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Tea For Your Valentine

Pick the perfect tea to share with your sweetie

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like roses, and Catalyst Tea Company has just the tea to share with that special someone. Our Rose Sensation incorporates the rich and malty flavor of Assam black tea with elegant floral notes of rose and tangy orange peel.

Rose Benefits

Besides the beautiful scent and romance they inspire, rose petals hold incredible health and beauty benefits. The petals are packed with vitamins C and E. They are also a good source of preventive cell damage antioxidants. Increasing our body's moisture levels, which makes them great for skin care.

Rose Sensation

Our unique herbal blend not only makes for a delicious tea, but it can also be steeped in your favorite vodka for the perfect Valentine’s cocktail, or used as a garnish to add a little something extra to a nice glass of rosé Or freeze one teaspoon of Rose Sensation per ice cube and make a tray of tea-infused ice.


Catalyst Tea Company wants to see your take on our tea this Valentine’s Day! Comment below with how you plan to take your tea during the month of love. XOXO

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