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Tea For Clear Skin

Let's take a look at some skin-benefiting herbal teas!

This week we're looking at some specific teas that promote healthier, clearer skin. Herbally-infused skincare products are a popular trend for a reason. These days we're more apt to reach for a product that is organically formulated, versus constantly applying harsh chemicals that may do more harm than good.


One of our most cherished herbs here at the Catalyst Tea Company is calendula. Both a North American and Canadian native, calendula is an easy-to-grow annual flower that thrives in pots, flower beds, and large gardens. The leaves of the plant are the most fragrant and are known to attract butterflies. However, the petals are what it's all about for us humans.

Benefits of Calendula

Along with being a great natural anti-inflammatory, it is also anti-thrombogenic. Meaning, it could help to prevent excessive blood clotting. Calendula is heavy in flavonoid compounds that may have positive effects on leveling out blood sugar, and could actually help with protecting the brain.

Skincare With Calendula

Because this flower is so highly beneficial, There are many ways to utilize it. However, the simplest method is to use the tea for a face steam. Calendula is incredibly moisturizing, so steaming your face over a bowl of calendula-infused hot water will have your skin feeling baby-soft in no time at all.

Once you've completed your steam you could also wait until the tea has completely cooled to room temperature, strain out the tea, and bottle it in a travel spray bottle. The mixture will keep well in the fridge for about three to four days. Spritz some on your face after cleaning for extra moisture when you're feeling dry.

Rose Benefits

Besides the beautiful scent and romance they inspire, rose petals hold incredible health and beauty benefits. The petals are packed with vitamins C and E. They are also a good source of preventive cell damage antioxidants. Increasing our body's moisture levels, which makes them great for skin care.

Rose water has been touted as a highly beneficial tonic for the skin by major beauty brands far and wide. A simple brew of our Rose Sensation drank or directly applied to the skin may be just what your skin needs to stave off acne or dry, damaged skin.

Tea Time

This week we're putting a spotlight on our very own Inner Glow herbal tea blend. This brew includes nettle leaf, thyme leaf, calendula flowers, whole rosehips, rose petals, and marshmallow root. Not only is this blend great to enjoy at any time of the day, it's also very versatile. Use it as a bath soak, a face steamer, or even a body scrub. It will restore your inner strength, fill you with love, and let you surrender to the flow of life!

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