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Must-Have Tea Accessories for The New Year

Start off 2023 fully equipt with the best tea essentials!

Time For Tea

Let's start with the basics. Behind every tea-lover is an array of teapots. Whether you're buying them for function or style, they are essential to the process. Once you've found the perfect pot you can easily cut steeping time with a removable tea strainer or by using a reusable tea bag.

Our tea strainer works great for those decorative teapots that don't usually include their own. Or, place it in a single mug for steeping if you're enjoying a cup by yourself.

Pot Meet Kettle

Boiling water for your tea in a good ol' saucepan is all well and fine, but it can be tricky pouring without a spout. This is why a kettle is a pillar of convenience for the avid tea drinker. Whether you prefer a high-tech electric kettle or a simplified stove-top whistler, a kettle will fast-track your tea prep time for sure.

Function or Fashion?

Last, but certainly not least is the set. A good tea set can be hard to come by these days, so when you come across the perfect one we highly recommend snagging it up!

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your set maybe, but are not limited to; Price, and how many servings are included in the set. Especially if you're someone who entertains regularly. Are you purchasing for functionality, or are you in the market for something more aesthetically pleasing?

Tea Time

No matter what your level of tea expertise is, Catalyst Tea Company is here to provide you with great-tasting tea all year long. Try our new blend Wellness Garden today and let us know what you think is a Must-Have for your tea-drinking experience in the comments!

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