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Flat Belly Tea

Taking a deep dive into the flat belly tea craze!

This week we're looking into the phenomenon that is flat belly tea. This idea swept the internet by storm not too long ago, and we want to know if all the hype is true. Does this tea really work, and if so, what kind of tea is actually working?

Origin Story

In 2013, Flat Tummy Tea was created by an Australian couple, both with a strong background in marketing. Since founding their company they've expanded tremendously, been endorsed by the likes of the Kardashians, and today have over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. So, what's the tea?

Key Ingredients

Flat-belly teas are actually very attainable without having to spend costly amounts of money. The basic tea ingredients can be any mixture that includes herbal teas such as peppermint leaf, licorice root, senna leaf, dandelion root, or caraway seeds. All of these herbs can play an integral part in your natural weight loss journey.


Dandelion root, for example, helps to detox the liver naturally and may improve gallbladder functionality, dandelion root may also help with soothing the digestive tract and could act as a natural laxative, which could help reduce signs of bloating.

Tea Time

Overall, it boils down to diet and exercise when trying to attain a flat belly. However, picking teas that help support proper digestion and liver function is key to losing those extra tummy inches.

Catalyst Tea Company’s handcrafted tea blends include many of the ingredients listed above, and today we’d like to steer you and your belly toward our Spicy Dandelion herbal tea blend. This special mixture of roasted dandelion root, ginger root, orange peel, and green cardamom has an earthy flavor. And it’s sure to set your tummy on the right track!

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