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Face Steamer Teas

Top-tier teas to steam with during cold and flu season!

It's that lovely time of the year again! Everyone is making new resolutions. The year is starting anew, and you've just realized your holiday celebrations have brought a flu and cold front to your door. Stuffy and runny noses are rampant throughout the land, and congestion is king!

Luckily, Catalyst Tea Company has a collection of teas that could help break up some of that nasty lingering congestion and set you to rights in no time.

Rose Sensation

Not only are rose petals great for the skin, but they are also a good source of preventive cell damage antioxidants. Increasing our body's moisture levels by keeping everything well-lubricated during a cold can help ease congestion greatly. Rose is an incredible source of natural moisture, and it will make your face steam a pleasantly fragrant experience.