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Creative Cocktail Garnish Ideas

Herb and cocktail pairing ideas made easy!

We here at Catalyst Tea Company have been collecting some fantastic cocktail-garnishing ideas, and now is the perfect time to share them! We all know that it's the mint that elevates the mojito. However, there is a wide array of herbs and edible flowers that, when utilized correctly, heighten the appeal of even the most simplest of drinks.

Color Theory

A good rule of thumb, to begin with, is esthetics and flavor matching. Does your pairing look pleasing to the eye? And also, do the flavors complement each other? A rosé, served in a nice glass and sprinkled with a few dried rose petals, instantly becomes more interesting.

Versatile Herbs

When just starting out your experimentation with herbal garnishes, stick to herbs such as lavender, and mint. Lavender lends a refreshing floral note to any cocktail without creating an overpowering aroma. Mint is also a safe choice, and will add a cooling effect to your drinks.

Bolder Tastes

Herbal additives such as rosemary, ginger, and cinnamon; when used as a garnish, will not only look amazingly creative, but they will also alter the flavor of the beverage as well. So, take care not to be too heavy-handed when garnishing your cocktails with these herbs.

Tea Time

Not only is our Little Box of Magic herbal tea kit filled with enchanting herbs for spell casting, but they are also perfect for cocktail garnishing! The Little Box of Magic herbal tea kit is a set of selected herbs to enjoy any time of the day. It comes with peppermint, lavender, rose petals, lemongrass, cinnamon, and ginger.

Give this kit as a gift to yourself or someone you love!

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