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Magical Herbs for Love, Prosperity, and Abundance

Enchanting herbs you should keep at home

It’s that time of year again when the veil between worlds will soon thin to the barest whisper of mist. Pumpkin spice everything crowds the aisles of grocery stores, and Hot-Girl-Summer fades into Sad-Girl-Fall. Above all else, magic is in the air!

Look no further than our Little Box of Magic herbal kit if you're looking for that extra touch of magic during this holiday season. The collection includes six spellbinding herbs, all synonymous with the extraordinary otherworldly.

Magic Made Easy

Catalyst Tea Company has created this special kit with the witch on the go in mind and covers the basics of any spell worth it's salt. Keep reading for a brief description of each herb's magical properties included in the kit!


Lavender and a sense of calm, seemingly go hand and hand. But, did you know that some include lavender in their love spells? The scent alone has been known to inspire amorous attention since the Renaissance. It's also a great additive to a bath to settle stress and anxious feelings.


Even the most novice spell caster would consider Rose above all else first when creating a love potion. Known to inspire the deepest feelings of love, the rose may also be used to quell anger and rage.


From deterring serpents to increasing your psychic abilities, Lemongrass has a plethora of uses that come in handy in a pinch. Most notably implemented in home purifications.


If you're looking to escalate your protective vibrations Cinnamon is the herb for you. The scent is known to soothe and provoke feelings of overall tranquility. And the spicey nature of cinnamon is a great catalyst for passion.


Ginger inspires warmth and circulation of energy. It's most commonly used in potions to intensify potency.


Dried peppermint leaves are highly cleansing and healing herbs. It's sort of a catch-all herbal additive for many spells and potions. It can aid in prosperity and purification, and help with psychic development as well.


The possibilities are endless with these magical herbs; lucky for you, they're only a click away! Kick off your month of enchantment with Catalyst Tea Company's Little Box of Magic!

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