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Collagen Boosting Teas & Herbs

Boost your collagen proteins with these teas and herbs!

This week we're zooming in on skincare, and the herbs and teas that can help boost your collagen production. The amino acids that make up collagen proteins help to support our body's connective tissues, which include our bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin. Collagen's main function is to help the body's connective tissues stay strong and resilient against stretching.

Collagen In Skincare

Collagen has been making strides in skincare for years now. Whether topically with collagen peptides included in serums and face creams, or internally, by taking collagen supplements. The natural function of collagen's resilience makes it a no-brainer for strengthening skin tissue.

Collagen Boosting Herbs

The following is a list of teas and medicinal herbs that are natural collagen boosters. These teas and herbs work to organically strengthen the connective tissues in our bones, joints, hair, nails, and skin.

Tea Time

This week we're pointing you toward a tea of our own, carefully crafted to provide a sense of support for your overall well-being. Let the soothing flavors of our Strength & Boost herbal tea blend remind you of the importance of self-care and the role a warm cup of tea can play in your daily skincare routine. Embrace the goodness of nature with every revitalizing sip.

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