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Chaga: The King of Mushrooms

Learn about the many benefits of these unassuming fungi!

Chaga or Inonntus Obliquus is a parasitic fungus that grows on birch trees. The mushroom can often be identified by its resemblance to a lump of soil. However, the interior of the mushroom has a bright orange hue.

Making a Mushroom

Though precise measurements of nutritional distribution are inconclusive, we do know that Chaga is antioxidant-rich, and holds a legion of beneficial plant compounds such as:

  • Flavans

  • Polysaccharides

  • Triterpenoids

  • Polyphenols

  • Melanins

Chaga Benefits

In addition to improving immunity and regulating cholesterol levels, Chaga may also be able to help in the fight to stave off cancer. Other health benefits may include; Reducing inflammation, correcting blood sugar levels, and acting as an Alzheimer's deterrent. Studies are still ongoing to determine the benefits, as well as to pinpoint things like dosage and side effects.

Tea Time

Though Chaga can be purchased in a supplemental form, it is most commonly brewed as tea. That being said, Catalyst Tea Company is proud to announce our very own take on the Chaga phenomenon, Mighty Mushroom & Herb tea blend! This Herbal mixture blends chicory root powder and cinnamon, with Chaga and lion's mane mushrooms. This blend offers a unique alternative to coffee, or may be added to your morning cup of Joe for an extra boost!

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