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Calendula: More Than Just a Flower

Learn about the ultimate anti-inflammatory of the floral world!

A North American and Canadian native, calendula is an easy-to-grow annual flower that thrives in pots, flower beds, and vast gardens. The leaves of the plant are the most fragrant and are known to attract butterflies. However, the petals are what it's all about for us humans.

Calendula Petals

The whole of the calendula blossom can be consumed and made into an infusion with carrier oils like olive or coconut oils. The calendula-infused oils are great key ingredients for creams or lotions. Above all else, it makes a great tea additive.

Calendula Benefits

Along with being a great natural anti-inflammatory, it is also anti-thrombogenic. Meaning, it could help to prevent excessive blood clotting. Calendula is heavy in flavonoid compounds that may have positive effects on leveling out blood sugar, and could actually help with protecting the brain.

Inner Glow

Our Inner Glow herbal tea blend features calendula flowers along with nettle leaf, thyme leaf, whole rosehips, rose petals, and marshmallow root. This herbal tea blend is great to enjoy at any time of the day. It has a mellow, earthy aroma with floral hints, completed by a sweet aftertaste. It will restore your inner strength, fill you with love and let you surrender to the flow of life.

Tea Time

Have you tried the calendula flower in tea, balms, or a dish? We want to know about your experience with the miracle flower. Let us know about it in the comments below!

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