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All About Sweetener

We're keeping sweet with honey, sugar, and even monk fruit this week!

Have you ever added honey to your coffee? Or, used creamer in your tea? Have you ever reached for monk fruit to add that extra something special to your morning brew? If not, why? This week, we're getting creative with sweeteners, and giving you some insight into the different flavor profile options.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit or lo han go, is a smallish round fruit found in southern China. If you're concerned about caloric intake or trying to minimize the amount of sugar you consume, monk fruit could be just the sweetener you're looking for. The fruit has zero calories and is naturally sweet.

Sugar, Sugar

If you're not in the sugar substitute gang, you probably aren't too familiar with artificial sweeteners like Splenda. These sweeteners have been deemed safe to use in moderation. However, when imbibed too often, the body could experience additional weight gain or general digestive problems.

Honey, Honey

We've all probably reached for honey for our tea at some point, but it's actually a pretty versatile sweetener. You may try adding it to your coffee or using it as a sugar substitute in baking. Just be sure that what you're using is pure honey. Some retailers are able to sell "Honey" at a discounted price because it's really not honey at all. Just a honey-flavored syrup.

Tea Time

This week we want to know how you're sweetening your tea! Do you go the traditional route and use honey? Or, are you a purest and not sweetening your tea at all? Let us know in the comments!

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