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Meditation Tea

Learn how to balance the seven chakras with herbal teas!

Catalyst Tea Company always encourages our readers and customers to take that little extra time for themselves. Sometimes when things seem chaotic and confusing, being still and listening to our inner self can reveal so much. Before you begin your daily meditation, why not supercharge your experience with a nice cup of tea? Did you know certain herbal teas and spices specifically target and balance the seven chakras?

Daily Chakra Meditation

Our Seven Chakras loose-leaf herbal tea kit is a great way to enjoy a variety of herbal teas. Make a different tea each day and indulge in the flavor and benefits of the herbs for your mind and body. Using this kit, you can create unique blends to enjoy any time of day for yourself or in the company of friends.

Bringing Tea & Meditation Together

Designed for both tea lovers and those new to herbal infusions, this kit will be your friendly guide to exploring the delightful world of chakra-balancing teas. Each tea in the kit corresponds to one of the seven chakras – the energy centers in your body that affect your physical and emotional health. From grounding yourself with the Root Chakra to finding spiritual clarity with the Crown Chakra, these teas are specially blended to harmonize each energy center.

Included In The Kit:

  • Assam

  • Red Raspberry Leaf

  • Dandelion Root - Root Chakra   

  • Licorice root - Sacral Chakra   

  • Marshmallow root - Solar Plexus-Chakra

  • Sage leaf - Heart Chakra

  • Red Clover Blossoms - Throat Chakra

  • Bilberry fruit - Third Eye Chakra

  • Lavender - Crown Chakra

  • Star Anise

  • Cinnamon Chips 

  • Apple Pieces

Tea Time

Embracing a different chakra tea each day can become a cherished ritual of self-care and reflection. It's a perfect way to unwind alone or share a meaningful moment with friends. Ideal for anyone curious about herbal teas or looking to add a touch of mindful well-being to their day, our Seven Chakras Herbal Tea Kit is more than just te, it's an experience in every cup!

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