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Herbs For Mental Clarity

Open your mind, ground yourself, and stay centered with these herbs and spices!

Sometimes life can get a little hectic and out of control. So, this week we're focusing on a specific group of herbs, spices, and brews to help quiet the internal chatter. Peace of mind and an overall relaxed state of being can be challenging when those pesky intrusive thoughts start swirling. These herbs and teas are geared towards quelling the chaos and increasing mental clarity.


Not only a fragrant and flavorful herb for cooking, rosemary can significantly increase mental alertness. It also contains neuroprotective properties that can extend and protect your memory.


Nature's natural aspirin is jam-packed with health benefits. It lends itself to mental clarity because of its anti-inflammatory compounds that help to combat mental fatigue and general brain fog.


Thyme contains the vitamin B6, which is a nutrient known to help the body relieve stress. Thyme also may help the body by assisting in the construction of neurotransmitters.


The destabilizing effects of general anxiety disorder, or GAD, may be lessened with a steady intake of chamomile. The flower contains an antioxidant called apigenin. Apigenin is what gives the chamomile flower its sleep-inducing and tranquilizing properties. The antioxidant works by binding itself to specific receptors in the brain that can decrease your anxiety and help you sleep.

Tea Time

This week we're spotlighting a fan favorite here at Catalyst Tea Company. Dream Catcher has quickly become a top-seller because of its great taste and the soothing sense of calm that washes over the body with the first sip.

This delicious herbal tea blend is perfect to enjoy in the evening and after dinner. It delivers a bright floral flavor with notes of earthy sage and cooling peppermint. The magic of chamomile will bring you peace of mind, mental clarity, and good dreams! 

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