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Herbal Ice Cubes

Updated: Jun 3

Quickly turn any ordinary drink into a fancy herbal-infused masterpiece!

The world of ice cubes is really taking off as a major trend for the Summer season. The simple options of either cubed or crushed is a thing of the past, and we're way beyond the restrictions of an ice tray. New ice mold ideas are popping up daily. So, what better way to up your ice game than adding herbal garnishes?

Brew and Freeze

We've probably all made the mistake of brewing a little more tea than we needed from time to time. What better way to cut down on waste, than to freeze that leftover tea into molds to be used at a later date? Adding previously brewed tea ice to your water or cocktails will add that little bit extra to all of your cold beverages.

Cold As Ice Garnish

In order to achieve that lush, incased-in-ice look, start off by only filling the ice mold of your choice halfway with water or juice and adding a sprinkling of your favorite herbs. Try to add herbs sparingly, as too much will look a bit messy. Then set your half-filled mold in the freezer until frozen solid. Once your ice is frozen, remove it from the freezer and fill it the rest of the way full with cold water. Place your mold in the freezer again, and enjoy once fully frozen.

Herbs and Tea

These herbal ice cubes are great for any occasion because they really dress up any drink they're added to. Some options could be both aesthetically pleasing, as well as adding a different take on flavor or color to the drink overall. Adding a piece of ice that's been imbued with our Jasmine Butterfly green tea blend, for instance, to a glass of lemonade will give your drink a transformative experience!

Tea Time

Catalyst Tea Company has a few recommendations for some great, versatile teas and herbs that would be a fantastic addition to your ice cubes this summer. But we also want to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below your hot take on these cool cubes!

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