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Easter Sunday Tea Party

Tips, teas, and recipes for the ultimate Easter-themed tea party!

Easter is just around the corner, so this week we're giving you all the tips and tricks for creating the perfect Easter-themed tea party. We've got you covered from top to bottom, and this year we're going way beyond tea.

The Green Tea

It's no secret that we love any reason to throw a good tea party here at Catalyst Tea Company, and what is a tea party without the tea? Going with our Spring color scheme, the obvious choice for an Easter tea party is green tea, of course!

Our Relax & Unwind green tea blend is a great choice. This carefully crafted blend combines the calming properties of soothing herbs with metabolism-boosting green tea to address both stress and weight management. Each sip offers you a moment of serenity while actively supporting your wellness journey.

The Treats

When thinking about Easter desserts, fun treats such as jello eggs, fresh-cut fruit and berries, and sliced green apples dipped in caramel all work great with the theme. If you want to take it one step further, grab an egg or bunny-shaped cookie cutter and bake off some shortbread cookies.

The shortbread cookie is like a blank canvas that allows any tea pairing to shine. The light-flavored cookies will take a back seat and let your tea choice become the life of the party. Allowing you to pair it with bolder-tasting teas.

The Meat & Potatoes

You can't have a tea party without finger sandwiches. Take a fun spin on an old classic and add corned beef finger sandwiches to your menu. Go the extra mile and roast some creamers, or baby potatoes for hardy appetizers.

If sandwiches and cookies aren't your preference, try going the charcuterie route. Using cheeses, and dried fruits will set your tea party off on the right foot. You may also consider creating a special tea-infused cocktail, to go along with the theme.

Tea Time

Put some finishing touches on your table by scattering clover, or micro-greens if clover is scarce in your part of the world to add that extra special dash of Easter spirit. This week, we're asking what you like to do to celebrate Easter Sunday. Let us know your Easter traditions in the comments!

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