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Christmas Tea Favorites

Herbs, fruit, and spices that inspire that Christma feeling

Tiss the season to enjoy family, eat great food, and shop till we drop. With Christmas just around the corner, tensions can run high. It's usually in these last few days before the 25th that we might lose sight of the real meaning of the holiday. Granted, it's hard to be filled with holiday cheer when on the hunt for the elusive Playstation 5.

Holiday Intentions

Catalyst Tea Company wants to make sure you're setting aside some time to reflect this holiday season. Even if you only have time to enjoy a cup of tea, take that time for yourself to recharge and decompress.

The Flavors of Christmas

Peppermint leaf, lemon balm, cacao nibs, orange peel, and vanilla bean make up our very own blend of Christmas Delight. It's the perfect mixture of tea for any time of the day during the holiday season.