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Healthy Dried Fruit Tea

The best dehydrated fruits for optimal detox benefits

The perks that come along with brewing a good, dried fruit tea are genuinely endless. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, immune system fortifying, or just need a quick energy boost, there’s a fruit tea for you!

Detox Intention

To best utilize the proper tea that will help you achieve your detox goals, it really helps to pinpoint the kinds of benefits you’re hoping to get from it. Dried blueberry tea, for instance, may help increase your potassium levels. It’s also a great fiber and vitamin K resource.

If you’re fighting off a cold and need something to help your immune system along, you might try a dried cranberry, orange, or elderberry tea. Elderberry, in particular, is a natural antioxidant and has been used to combat inflammation and stress since it became popular in the 18th century. Your time spent finding the proper dried fruit tea can easily be cut in half by simply setting the intention before moving forward with your search.

Fruit Tea Weight Loss

The inclusion of dried fruit teas in a diet that is geared towards losing weight can be very beneficial in many aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. Even if the results are not immediately noticeable outwardly, a body that is well hydrated, and receiving a natural boost of energy will perform better than one that isn’t.

Dried fruit that could improve weight loss include:

· Prunes

· Berries; Raspberries, Blackberries, cherries

· Passion fruit

· Grapefruit

· Apples

Brewing a tea with any of the aforementioned dried fruits, post or pre-workout, may give your body the extra little nudge in the right direction on the path of your weight loss journey.

Chill Out

It’s a pretty common practice for people who suffer from anxiety to take advantage of tea’s organic calming qualities during stressful times. But wouldn’t it be great if the natural soothing effect any tea has could work in tandem with actively bringing our stress levels down to a more manageable volume?

Dried fruit teas brewed with fresh lemon, or lemon balm can help aid in lowering your blood pressure while actively facilitating a steady flow of blood to the brain. Lemons are also filled with imperative nutrients and vitamins that help the body run smoothly.

Fruit Tea Immunity

When we’re sick, or just not feeling well in general, reaching for tea is universally a natural ritual we’ve all seemingly partaken in. It’s ingrained within us from a young age that tea is a healing elixir. Whether it’s cold brewed, or hot, our immune system benefits customarily from any tea choice. However, if you’re looking for a leading thrust in the direction of better health, you might try a red currant tea.

Red currants are a berry that carries antioxidants known to fight off free radicals. Notably, the antioxidant, lycopene, found in the red currant has been associated with a decrease in prostate cancer risk and heart disease.


No matter what your goal is, there is a dehydrated fruit out there just waiting to be brewed. In fact, you’re already in the right place! Click over to our shop now to browse an array of tea blends sure to give you that much-needed bit of calm and symmetry.

Catalyst Dried Fruit Tea Recommendations:

· Crimson Sunset (hibiscus flower, chamomile, apple pieces, orange peel, lavender flowers whole)

· Dream Catcher (chamomile flowers, peppermint leaf, lavender flowers whole, bilberry fruit whole, sage leaf)

· Inner Glow (nettle leaf, thyme leaf, calendula flowers, rosehips whole, rose petals, marshmallow root)

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