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Healing Oils

Head-to-toe oil-based remedies for natural healing!

Just a few weeks ago, we talked extensively about the power of infused waters that help the body to heal and thrive from the inside out. This week we're looking at oil-based infusions geared toward topical applications, designed to naturally heal and enhance your inner beauty.

Rose Oil

Rose petals specifically hold incredible health and beauty benefits. The petals are packed with vitamins C and E. They are also a good source of preventive cell damage antioxidants. Increasing our body's moisture levels, which makes them great for skin care.

Simply warm rose petals and jojoba oil in a glass jar to help release the essence. This will create a quick and easy beauty oil for treating scars, quelling cellulite and stretch marks, and you can even use a few drops in your hair to tame frizz.

Green Tea Oil

Green tea is a natural source of energy when brewed and consumed. When infused into olive oil it creates a magical hair elixer. Steep green tea leaves in a sealed glass jar of olive oil and keep it in a cool, dry place. In a month you'll have the ultimate hair oil. Green tea oil is super moisturizing, stimulates hair growth, and can help to repair damaged, brittle hair.

Aloe Oil

To reduce hair fall, increase all-over moisture, and give the appearance of naturally dewy skin, try aloe oil. To create your very own Aloe oil simmer an aloe leaf in a saucepan with carrier oil on a low heat setting.

Tea Time

In addition to the three oils featured today, we'd also recommend carrot oil for scalp nourishment, coffee oil for fading dark circles, and coconut oil for stronger, healthier hair. This week we're asking if you've ever used any of the oils mentioned. Whether you made it yourself or purchased the oil, let us know in the comments!

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